Working exclusively in virtual space, we are creating sculptures as 3D models to be explored via the photography unique to that realm. These models are virtual objects. Although the equations which define them can be translated into physical sculpture our focus is to present them as stills and video. The concepts which are encountered  challenge our assumptions about the physical universe; concepts which reflect a quantum description of the world around us. The virtual arena makes it possible to evolve these intellectual constructs as visual experiences of art.

Photographic compositions are our primary focus. Our concerns are those of traditional photography; formal interests take precedence over the conceptual nature of the work. However, the nature of virtual space allows the camera to relate to objects in unprecedented ways. We have a remarkable degree of intimacy with our subjects. Ultimately, they reveal their secrets in the language of abstraction. This work is presented as archival ink on canvas, paper and aluminum.

The videos are a genre of sculpture which involves a new way of conceptualizing and relating to 3-dimensional form. They are visual narratives of particular sculptures - a glimpse into the life of an object. Experiencing the inner nature of its structure, a moment of transition in its temporal life, or the vast amount of space it actually contains; these encounters offer a perception of objects as fluid and dynamic. The videos are in HD format and are two to four minutes running.