My collaborator and I have been photographing exclusively in virtual space since 2001. Our subjects are virtual objects which we develop as 3D models. We are exploring them via the photography unique to that realm, as stills and video.

Abstract compositions are the primary focus of our work. The subjects being photographed are sculptural objects; highly stylized figures and elements of landscape or architecture. They are our points of departure. The laws and photography unique to virtual space allow us to relate to things in unprecedented ways. We have a remarkable degree of intimacy with these subjects. Ultimately, they reveal their secrets in the language of abstraction. This gives us the visual elements for evolving a series of photographs. This work is presented as archival pigment on canvas and paper.

The video works represent a new genre of sculpture, one which involves an alternative way of relating to 3-dimensional form. Each video is the visual narrative of a sculptural object. Experiencing the inner nature of its structure, a moment of transition in its temporal life, or the vast amount of space it actually contains; these encounters offer a perception of objects as fluid and dynamic. The videos are two to four minutes running, intended to loop.

Physical Objects
The mercurial nature of virtual objects allows them to be translated as either images or physical objects via various technologies.  Although all of our models are created as subjects for photography we have the option to relate to them as physical entities.